Robert Khatchatrian Photography
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ROBERT KHATCHATRIAN was born on 1978 January 11, in Armenia Yerevan. He always wanted to become a photographer as he had a good eye for it and used to shot everything with his old camera. His interest has always been in architecture. He became known for his wonderful architectural photography as he can see every detail in an unnoticed little thing and can make you think about it. He shots from little old house to rich grand building, from chapel to church all that is done by human. In every photo Robert Khatchatrian puts all his energy and thoughts. He really loves his art and is proud of all the works he has done during his lived life. He is very thankful for his wife understanding and helping him in everything he wants to do. His work is most often seen in magazines, posters, annual reports and ad campaigns. R. Khatchatrian is a professional artist whose photos are designing many houses’ and offices’ walls. He has spent much time travelling abroad and enlarging his collection. In his opinion every stone, everything is unrepeatable.


Robert Khatchatrian



His love of this art is well shown in his works which he shares with everyone who is interested in it. Robert is really passionate about what he does and he is trying to do his best. With the help of this webpage you can see the art of Robert Khatchatrian. He calls all the photographers his collogues but not competitors and never criticizes others’ works. Photographing is not only business for him it’s a pleasure and self relaxing.